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Frequently Asked Questions

✶ Any company which has not so far used Payroll application software can use this PayrollEmpire software instantly.

✶ Any company which is already using offline payroll software wish to migrate to online web based payroll can use this PayrollEmpire software.

✶ Any company which is already using offline / online payroll software without satisfaction can easily migrate to this powerful yet simple to use PayrollEmpire software.

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PayrollEmpire is a Cloud based SaaS platform. So, the user need not invest upfront for purchasing Server PC, OS, Database and payroll application software. These all facilities are already available. The company interested to use PayrollEmpire platform has to register and pay usage charges after FREE trial period.

PayrollEmpire software is broad yet simple, rules based and rules can be defined or refined by user as per their requirement

✶ A small company having few employees payroll processing with few earnings and deductions components can use this PayrollRmpire software. A corporate company with large number of earnings and deductions components, many batches of large number of employees on different pay date with multiple department and worker categories can also use this PayrollEmpire software.

✶ Moreover, industrial special allowances like attendance incentive, night shift allowance, Salary advance to all employees are cared.

✶ Temporary staffs on daily wage or weekly wage or periodical wage also are covered.

✶ To minimize data entry, 3rd party attendance data (like Bio metric) resources can be imported. Bulk data import from Excel / TXT file for any earning component or deduction component is made available.

✶ Pay slip, monthly statements, statutory statements are instantly available after payroll processing.

✶ Mobile App Dash Board included for employees Earnings, Deductions and Leave Balances and employee can use leave application and view approval.

✶ Yes, OT wage can be paid along with monthly salary. If not, if company prefers to pay OT on daily or weekly or biweekly or on periodical basis, PayrollEmpire is having such all type of OT payment method. Yet, monthly and periodical statutory compliance will be satisfied.

✶ There are various methods to manage attendance data with PayrollEmpire software and the desired method is to be fixed before starting to use PayrollEmpire software.

Method 1, having done Data entry only for Leave and Absenteeism perfectly, the monthly attendance is posted by PayrollEmpire software itself by considering National paid holidays and employee's weekly off masters.

Method 2, Attendance, Leave and absenteeism can be edited on daily basis on the Attendance Data Entry grid wherein the grid is already filled for attendance and weekly off and etc.,

Method 3, On monthly global Attendance data entry grid (like Excel Sheet) wherein the grid is already filled for attendance, leave, weekly off and etc., the user can verify the accuracy of data.

Method 4, Attendance Data import from 3rd party bio metric data resources + Leave management software provision in PayrollEmpire.

Method 5, Attendance Data import from 3rd party bio metric data resources + Leave management software provision by bio metric vendor themselves.

Method 6, Maintain manual records and prepares monthly consolidated attendance data. This consolidated attendance data can either entered to PayrollEmpire software on a simple to use data entry grid or import such data from Excel / TXT file.

✶ For any other method kindly call to our HelpDesk No +91- 87549 50827 or Write to sales@payrollempire.com

✶ Yes, options are available for various possibilities of rounding off method. To carry forward the balance round off to next month is again an option can be decided by user.

✶ Yes, Click Here...for more information

✶ Yes

✶ Yes, it is Secured.

✶ We used multi talency architecture so that every company data stored separetely.

✶ Very strong user access policies are enforced to protect your data.

✶ Just click here to goto Signin page. Goto signin page to become a valid registered user for PayrollEmpire software, that is it, you can start using the PayrollEmpire software.

✶ Yes, after user registration, you can use your 1 month data to generate your company payslip and get satisfied.

✶ We receive advance payment as per your decided PayrollEmpire plan and payment plan to pay Quarterly, Half yearly or yearly. For every month, usage bill and payment receipt will be sent to your registered email id.

✶ It is user's duty to ensure adequate advance money to PayrollEmpire for uninterrupted continuous services.

✶ No, Billing amount is not constant as employee happen resign or retire and new employee is added.

✶ Billing amount is calculated based on the number of effective employees paybills processed.

✶ We accept payments by debit cards, credit cards, net banking and e-wallets supported by our payment gateway service provider. We do not entertain any manual payments in the form of cash or cheque or demand draft.

✶ There is no contract. If you are not happy with the value you are getting from PayrollEmpire services, you can cancel the subscription anytime and can take a backup of all your data by downloading from your account.

✶ The membership can be withdrawn by user by giving 1 month advance notice to us. We will deduct 1 month usage charge which is equal to latest last month bill amount. The balance amount will be refunded in 1 week period to your bank account.

✶ As per refund policy, you have to give 1 month advance notice to us for withdrawing your membership. During this notice period, you are allowed to take all your data and necessary backup.

✶ It is user's duty to ensure adequate advance money available to PayrollEmpire for uninterrupted continuous services. Reminder mails and SMS will be sent to user as the balance amount available with PayrollEmpire is just sufficient only for 2 month usage.

✶ If not paid on time, your account will be locked. You must either arrange enough advance payment before starting to use PayrollEmpire or you should follow 'membership withdrawal' route to discontinue from PayrollEmpire software.

✶ Though your account disabled, your data will be securely available for 30 days period.