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PayrollEmpire Features

PayrollEmpire is a Cloud based SaaS platform for payroll. So, the user need not invest upfront for purchasing Server PC, OS, Database and payroll application software. These all facilities are already available. The company interested to use PayrollEmpire platform has to register and pay usage charges after FREE trial period. It is to support for any tiny company which is having only few employees, SME and large corporate companies with complex pay matrix for their payroll processing.

PayrollEmpire will accommodate different pay date employees through BATCH.

PayrollEmpire is scalable with respect to number of Employees, number of Departments and number of Designations.

PayrollEmpire is components based. Earning components and Deduction components are configurable and can be marked as fixed input, variable input and as special input.

Attendance Incentive: To encourage workers to avoid leave/absenteeism, some company pays attendance incentive if the worker attends to work for more than the minimum attendance expected.

Night Shift Allowance: To encourage workers to work on Night Shift, some companies pay allowance for night shift worked days.

PayrollEmpire takes care of Attendance Incentive and Night Shift Allowance.

Production Incentive: When a worker gives more production than the expected production, some companies gives production incentive. As this incentive system varies from company to company, a specialized solution will be arranged as per company requirement.


✨ With PayrollEmpire, it is easy to manage leave, absenteeism, holidays and attendance data even without attendance automation devices.

PayrollEmpire provide facility to process payroll directly by entering monthly consolidated Attendance and Leave data or import such data from Excel. In this case, Daily attendance entry and Leave & Absenteeism modules will not be useful.

✨ If company properly maintains all leave, holidays and absenteeism data, employee attendance is marked automatically for all employees without manual entry.

✨ Or for employee's attendance, either manual entry to this software for every shift or attendance automation devices can be used.

✨If attendance automation devices are used, PayrollEmpire will arrange suitable software integration on onetime charge basis to import data from these electronic devices

✨For more method to integrate electronic devices attendance data, call to +91-87549 50827 or write to sales@payrollempire.com to discuss for data import facility

✨ If excel sheet is maintained for attendance and leave marking, it can be imported.

✨ User defined leave type for paid leave(s), half pay leave(s) and nopay leave(s). All approved leave data can be documented easily for full day or part of day (Leave entry facility in hours).

Leave application and approval process is available in Mobile App. With options, company can select Leave entry mode to update approved leaves or Mobile App mode to get approve the leave and to auto post to employee leave data. Preset paid leave eligibility, leave taken and balance leave available will be displayed at the time of applying for leave.

Weekly off day can be fixed individually in Master so that it is marked in Employee attendance and number of weekly off days of the month is calculated automatically for processing.

Paid Holidays for State and National can be set with date and is auto posted to employee monthly attendance data.

✨ Hence, problem related to number of days available to work for the month is solved in PayrollEmpire software

PayrollEmpire NetPay is configurable.

✨There are different possible options are available to Round off the Net payable amount. As per company choices, it can be fixed.

✨ Some company used to employ daily wage laborer and pay them on either weekly or biweekly or thrice in a month and so on. But the company needs to comply with statutory requirements on monthly basis and for periodical basis. PayrollEmpire is having facility to define and pay for these categories of workers and to comply with all statutory statements.

PayrollEmpire will allow Over Time (OT) Wages preparation separately for any select period or to prepare OT wages to get paid along with regular monthly salary.

✨ In the case of OT wage, some company prefer to pay OT for the day, for a week, biweekly or for a select period within the month on different intervals or sometime along with monthly wages. Here again, OT wage is calculated as single pay or double pay on select earning components and used to mention for some statutory requirements. PayrollEmpire facilitate all these requirements.

PayrollEmpire will allow to prepare Salary Advance to all, if the company have such practice of paying Salary Advance to all staffs before reaching the month end. In such cases, Salary Advance deduction from monthly salary processing is automated.

✨ While employing temporary employees, the employee may exit from work for a period and will come again for work as a new employee. PayrollEmpire is having facility for exit management and recall exit employee data when reemployed.
PayrollEmpire provides smart exclusive Help System. Each ticket received is promptly supported. History Can be Viewed.
PayrollEmpire provides with powerful software user management and privileges setting
PayrollEmpire is Secure.

✨ We used multi talency architecture so that every company data stored separetely.

✨ Very strong user access policies are enforced to protect your data.